Data Driven Campaign Management with Proven Results.
More Than 500,000 Hours of Experience at Your Service.

Search engine marketing is always changing. Staying at the forefront of such a capricious channel is extremely difficult without sufficient knowledge or time invested.

Our team has spent endless hours and millions of dollars learning the inner workings of the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search platforms. Our experience, combined with a heavy focus on data analysis, keeps us one step ahead of this ever-evolving industry.

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Client Testimonial

We've been a client of Pure Digital’s for several years now. They’ve been so great to us that we now think of them as more of a partner than just another client. Since our main focus is SEM, we can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with a scrappy, knowledgeable team that, just like us, is actually willing to put in the effort required for reaching performance goals. Pure Digital clearly understands that a long-term partnership is one of the most important outcomes of a client’s success. Since day 1, the team was committed to growing in tandem with us, and we’ve both managed to flourish through their leadership.

James Winstead

James Winstead - LA Film School VP of Marketing

How Do We Do What We Do

Account Audit

First impressions set the precedent for any business relationship, so we take them very seriously. With an account audit, we become familiar with your account and reveal where the opportunities for actualizing your goals can be found.


A strong account structure is the foundation for any high performing ad campaign. Years of experience have made us experts at determining which account structures are most conducive for growth, efficiency and overall performance.

Creative Planning

An ad campaign is useless if it does not drive users to your site or drives the wrong users. Creating high quality, high intent ad creative allows us to lower costs, increase conversion rate, and properly represent your product to the people searching for it.

Data Delivery

Customized reports explain the most important metrics for determining performance. We also develop reports that connect back and front end systems in order to spot correlations between ad clicks and conversions.


We know a lot about digital marketing, but no one knows your business as well as you. By streamlining communication channels, we form a collective of brain power with our advertising expertise and your industry knowledge. We are available 24/7, so clients should never feel like they are inconveniencing us by expressing a concern.


No matter how well an account is doing, we never get complacent, as complacency is the enemy of progress. We are always using a portion of spend to look for more ways to increase efficiency and performance.

Our Latest Proven Strategies

Pure Digital has been accredited by Bing and Google


Our Case Studies

B2C E-commerce

3X increase in subscribers,
10% decrease in CPA

Internal attempts to build out non-branded campaigns were unsuccessful, and relying on their branded name for all sales would be detrimental to growth.

B2B Lead Generation

2X increase in leads,
50% decrease in CPL

By helping our client merge the data between their CRM system & Google Ads, we were able to optimize the account to increase efficiency and drive higher quality leads.

B2C Lead Generation

3X increase in Leads,
31% decrease in CPL

With helping merge their data between their CRM system & AdWords, we were able to optimize the account to increase efficiency and drive higher qualified leads.

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While this varies based on the complexity of the accounts and the current state they are in, we generally push for progress within the first month, with larger scale successes in 3+ months.
In many cases you can do just fine on your own, but we have hundreds of thousands of hours experience with the different platforms and millions of dollars in spend. This lets us offer knowledge and strategies that only come with plenty of experimentation, leaving you more bandwidth to focus on your business.
Our reporting team specializes in creating unique and highly customized reports that will be delivered as often as you need them. We have the ability to combine data from your own reporting software with platform data in order to supply granular and actionable reports.
Although specifics can differ from account to account, you will have no fewer than 3 dedicated managers and analysts working to hit your goals. For communication purposes, a majority of communication will come from a single main manager for search and one for shopping. This will ensure that no matter the amount of hands on the account, nothing will get lost and you will never struggle to reach the right ears or eyes with any needs or requests.