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Amazon has over 310 million active users and growing. Our expertise managing both organic & paid Amazon advertising services has built an arsenal of proven strategies. Along with high performance, accounts and campaigns are designed to ensure sales at the lowest possible ACoS and ultimately put your products in front of the greatest spreads of potential customers.

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Client Testimonial

The guys at Pure Digital are talented and have a real passion for what they do. The end result is a real effective passion for you and your company's goals. We often consider them part of our team, not a 3rd party agency.

Rob Ackerley

Rob Ackerley - Pet Wellbeing Director of Advertising

How Do We Do What We Do

Campaign Breakout

For proper management, we break out our campaigns by Category, Criteria, & Targeting (Automatic or Manual).

Ad Groups

Ad groups are broken out by criteria and match type, since each match type performs differently. Each keyword will be duplicated in all 3 match types – exact, phrase, & broad. This guarantees that all possible search queries are captured and maximizes opportunities for optimization.

Targeting Methods

It is considered proper practice to run both Manual & Automatic Targeting Campaigns at the same time. Automatic Campaigns will harvest new keywords to be added into the Manual Campaigns. The idea is to catch all of the hanging fruit, especially if it is bringing in sales at a low ACoS.

Search Query Reports

Search Query Reports contain all of the search terms your ads showed up for in your Automatic & Broad Targeted campaigns. SQRs allow you to add profitable keywords into your Manual Campaigns, which should be done on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on traffic. This uncovers the search terms that will trigger your ads, tightens control on bidding, and monitors performance with the utmost accuracy.


Optimizations should be performed on a campaign by campaign and keyword by keyword basis. Keywords with high ACoS should be optimized by checking which search terms they are triggering and adding negatives to decrease irrelevant traffic and spend. When the latter proves ineffective, this tells us the keyword should have its bid decreased or be paused in order to shift budget to higher performing efforts.


Product content is one of the most important aspects of Amazon listings because it determines how Amazon ranks your products. With the proper content, you will dramatically increase the likelihood of your product showing up for relevant searches. We provide recommendations and comparative analyses on improvements that can be made in your Enhanced Brand Content.

Our Latest Proven Strategies

Our Case Studies

Pet Wellbeing

60% increase in revenue,
40% decrease in AcoS

Pet Wellbeing wanted to increase brand awareness and sales on the Amazon platform. The company was already entering a crowded space with well known-competitors and was suffering from high ACoS in their existing campaigns.

Weighted Blanket Industry

119% increase in MoM revenue,
92% decrease in MoM sales

Goals were established for increasing revenue & decreasing ACoS.

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We do a fully comprehensive manual review of all of your current campaigns on Amazon and bring to the table our findings and recommendations, so you can see the value & knowledge we can provide to your brand.
Our manual review of your account usually takes 7-14 business days. We then ask our clients to allow us 45 minutes to an hour of their time to present our findings in a PowerPoint presentation.
Yes, we manage both Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brand campaigns in your amazon account.
We manage both Seller Central & Vendor Central accounts. We are experts in both platforms and the different strategies & features that exist in each one.
Yes, we provide our clients with as much reporting & data they desire. We even developed a process where we include all Amazon fees into your reporting, so you can get as an accurate as possible picture of performance.
Yes, we have a team that does competitive analysis on product descriptions, visuals, and content to ensure your listings are fully optimized to rank higher on Amazon and increase conversion rates.