Welcome to the Pure Education podcast where we engage with some of the brightest minds in education in the broader world of marketing to find actionable insights you can use to level up your school’s marketing and enrollment efforts.

The weekly show interviews the best of the best in the education landscape, from CMOs / marketing directors to university presidents to successful education entrepreneurs.

This show is for marketers in the education space & anyone interested in learning more about how to gain the right attraction to your education organization.

Topics we focus on the show are:

  • Enrollment growth
  • Marketing strategies
  • Utilizing the power of data
  • New technologies being used to fuel growth
  • The current changes taking place in education
  • The future of education
  • Trade vs traditional

The trajectory of my life changed completely when I went from a decade of failure in the traditional educational system to discovering my trade and becoming a successful digital marketer.

This experience inspired me to work toward helping education based organizations optimize their marketing campaigns to attract more students to help more people reach their life-altering moment. The more clarity we can help marketing educators find on how to fuel growth, the more lives we can change.

Benjamin Arabov profile

Format of the show

Done over zoom (audio)
Under 25 minutes
Just two people who are passionate about education having a conversation!

Launching Fall 2019