Who We Are

Pure Digital was founded in 2014 at the epicenter of digital marketing, New York City. Since then we’ve been on a mission to grow businesses and help our clients succeed.

Pure Digital is a performance-driven boutique marketing firm. We provide our clients with the attention and transparency they expect from a boutique firm, combined with the people, processes, and solutions of the caliber of the largest agencies. We are proud of our client base, which consists of industry-leading, established companies, as well as the most innovative funded startups. Our passion for problem solving and exceptional customer service drives us to remain at the forefront, as well as help reshape the digital age of tomorrow.

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Why We’re Here

Pure Digital is not just another agency. We exist to give our clients a different, creative, and frankly better experience than what they are used to with traditional agencies. We are confident that from the moment you are on-boarded as a client, you’ll rest assured that your marketing needs are in the most capable and caring hands.

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Meet Our Family

Powered by knowledge. Defined by people.

Pure Digital’s never-ending search for best-in-class creative thinkers from the digital marketing space has proven to be a key ingredient to our success. In our recruitment efforts, we look far wider than scanning for cookie-cutter perfect resumes, expanding our search to include ambitious and forward-thinking professionals with unique strengths and backgrounds. As a team, we have a very rigorous screening process for identifying the best candidates. We are experts in our domains, so any addition to the team needs to be a value-add – the type of person we are excited to work with, and stand to learn from ourselves.

Our Team

Pure Digital team member Benjamin Arabov
Benjamin Arabov

My name is Benjamin Arabov, and I am the founder and CEO of Pure Digital. I am driven by my passions for doing things others can’t and sharing my knowledge with my customers and team members. It is my personal mission to show hard working businesses the power of digital marketing when it is actually used correctly. Rather than just a “business partner,” I like to think of myself as a close friend helping people save money and introduce their amazing products to their customers. Earning the reputation of an industry leader in digital acquisition problem solving is just a bonus.

Pure Digital team member Michelle Greenberg
Michelle Greenberg
Director of Operations

My name is Michelle Greenberg, and I am the Director of Operations at Pure Digital. I’ve been managing PPC accounts for nearly a decade, largely because of my ability to quickly understand what clients are looking for. Trusting someone to manage your marketing budget is a big deal, so I take this responsibility very seriously. Every day, I am lucky enough to interact with businesses I am passionate about and help them grow, and not just in terms of revenue and efficiency. I strive to create spending strategies capable of improving all elements of my clients’ businesses, which is the definition of true success in this industry.

Pure Digital team member Michal Dzieciolowski
Michal Dzieciolowski
Director of PPC Growth

My name is Michael Dzieciolowski, and I am the Director of PPC Growth at Pure Digital. Exposed to technology at a young age, I became fascinated with computers and how they facilitate human interaction. Working in SEM gives me the opportunity to analyze consumer behavior through trends and incorporate that data into major initiatives, like launching new products or building the best ecommerce experience. Thanks to my familiarity with the latest tracking tools and advertising capabilities, clients can count on me to learn as much as possible about their target audience and overcome any SEM-related issue that comes to hand.

Matthew Samoohi
Matthew Samoohi

My name is Matthew Samoohi, and I am the COO of Pure Digital. I work closely with our CEO, Benjamin, to uphold the highest standards of performance across the board while ensuring our daily operations run smoothly. Years of experience with business growth have taught me the importance of a vibrant culture and crystal clear vision of the future. I am firmly dedicated to implementing both of these strengths in our individual and collaborative efforts. Strategically working towards our goals by keeping our systems and operations in top shape is what gets me excited about coming to work every day.

Pure Digital team member Sean Levinson
Sean Levinson
Head of Content Development

My name is Sean Levinson, and I am Pure Digital’s Head of Content Development. One of my central goals for every project is proving that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sacrifice quantity for quality. For almost ten years, I’ve been delivering high volumes of high quality content on various topics, from science to current events to finance. SEO is known as a “wild beast” but it can be tamed with the right combination of compelling titles and trending subject areas. Give me a company that sells exceptional products or services, and I’ll have a new idea for that company to address on a daily basis.

Marc Berolo
Sr. Account Manager (SEM)

My name is Marc Berolo, and I am the Senior Account Manager of Pure Digital’s SEM channel. Thanks to my entrepreneurial background, I am well-aware as to how difficult it is to maintain a sensitive budget while making wise but lucrative spending decisions. My clients often refer to me as a perfectionist due to my ultra-meticulous attitude, especially in regards to account optimizations. I only settle for the highest quality of performance and I am constantly teaching myself all there is to know about every relevant tool or platform. When a new player enters the digital marketing game, I make it my personal mission to become an expert in that facet as well.

Pure Digital team member Mia Parcela
Mia Parcela
Sr. Account Manager (Shopping)

My name is Mia Percela, and I am the Senior Account Manager of Pure Digital’s Shopping channel. I have always held myself to the highest of standards when it comes to client satisfaction, so I welcome the pressure associated with my position. This outlook has motivated me to continuously break revenue records and ensure massive ROIs for budgets of all sizes. I encourage clients to increase their expectations for profitability when an account is under my control. The first step in this direction is paying extraordinary attention to detail, and taking the time to thoroughly analyze every discernible pattern or irregularity.

Pure Digital team member Fred Charles
Fred Charles
Team Lead, Reporting

My name is Fred Charles, and I am the Lead Reporter for Pure Digital. Thanks to my vast knowledge of Microsoft Excel, I have created a series of templates that allow managers to quickly discern important information about consumer behavior, ad performance, and budget allocation. Since managers rely on my data to support their every decision, I take extra measures to ensure my accuracy and speed are never compromised.

Pure Digital team member Wakimba Davenport
Wa Kimba Davenport
Account Manager (SEM)

My name is Wakimba Davenport, and I am an Account Manager for Pure Digital’s SEM channel. Much of my success in digital marketing can be attributed to my knack for communicating with different types of people. Strong partnerships are essential for meeting ambitious goals and determining what works and what doesn’t for certain industries. I always make it clear to new clients that I will study their audience’s spending habits until I can call myself a legitimate expert. With every extraordinary product comes a customer, and I absolutely love the challenge of uncovering the latter part of that equation.

Pure Digital team member Juan Zumaeta
Juan Zumaeta
Account Analyst (SEM)

My name is Juan Zumaeta, and I am an Account Analyst for Pure Digital’s SEM channel. My favorite digital marketing puzzle to solve is crafting ad copy. The sight of a high quality ad is truly a wonder to behold. Extensive research puts me inside the mind of the average consumer, which is almost as fun as figuring out the kind of copy that individual is looking for and maximizing conversions. Thanks to years of practice, these tasks are the farthest thing from tedious endeavors. Each correct ad copy formula provides yet another consumer insight that can be applied to my next project.

Sam Bucco
Sam Bucco
Account Analyst (Shopping)

My name is Sam Bucco, and I am an Account Analyst for Pure Digital’s Shopping channel. I specialize in utilizing strategic bidding, granular query sculpting and negative keywords to create ads that effectively stand out from the competition. Adhering to these fundamentals has proven to solicit unprecedented increases in demand in shockingly short periods of time. By staying up to speed with the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape along with the mistakes of my top competitors, I am never caught off guard by a new requirement for success.

Pure Digital team member Devlin Byrne
Devlin Byrne
Account Manager (SEM)

My name is Devlin Byrne, and I am an Account Manager for Pure Digital’s SEM channel. I knew digital marketing was for me when I realized how incredible it feels to turn on your computer and find out that your hard work is directly benefiting a trusted partner. The tremendous patience and contemplative thought required for putting strategies into reality is a thrill as well. I thrive under the challenges of a new product or a new trend in demand. When going the extra mile means constantly monitoring data and making changes at a moment’s notice, I am most definitely prepared to exceed expectations every day.

Nelson Guste
Nelson Guste
Account Manager

My name is Nelson Guste, and I run media here at Pure Digital. At the early age of 16, I created one of the world’s most popular content hubs for fashion and monetized it with affiliate marketing and media buying. It was during this experience that I fell in love with performance marketing. Since then, I have helped businesses literally solve hundreds of different problems with media buying. Using a holistic approach, I incorporate innovative media techniques from multiple niches to drive growth. Staying up to date with media buying ultimately allows Pure Digital to remain an industry leader in media buying.

Pure Digital team member Lisa Tully
Lisa Tully
Account Manager (SEM)

My name is Lisa Tully, and I am an Account Manager for Pure Digital’s SEM channel. Different elements of digital marketing are a huge presence in everyone’s life, and I love learning more about how deep this connection goes. The way a company’s target audience behaves online is an extremely important piece of knowledge, especially for increasing conversions and profitable sales. Being responsible for supplying this knowledge is very motivating. Given its significance, I am always willing to conquer whatever obstacle is inhibiting my client’s grasp of consumer behavior.

Profile picture of James Helder
James Helder
Account Manager (Shopping)

My name is James Helder, and I am an Account Manager for Pure Digital’s Shopping channel. The popularity of Google Shopping has skyrocketed because of people like myself and my fellow managers: We continuously prove that taking the time to devote proper attention to certain areas, like negative keywords, bid management and campaign priorities, can achieve unprecedented success in terms of revenue and profitability. My extensive experience with different sized inventories enables me to keep spend under control no matter how many products we are looking to promote.

The Pure Digital Code: Our Core Values

In the Pure Digital family, we live by a strong code. What makes us who we are can be distilled into our shared core values.

We own, live, and breath these values throughout our entire organization. They add up and translate into a vibrant and collaborative culture that makes up the Pure Digital family.

Hard Work

We commit to a personal goal of reaching and remaining in the top 1% of what we do. We believe that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. We strive to stay ahead of the curve in an industry that moves fast.

We deliver solutions. No excuses – We live on the solution side of problems. If there is a problem, come up with three solutions, out of which you play an active role in at least one.


Legendary companies are made of superstar teams. At Pure Digital, our greatest asset is a strong central team with shared accountability. We work to lift each other up, produce record-breaking results for our clients, without forgetting to have fun while we are at it. The line between work and play dissolves when you are in the presence of a team as dedicated and fun-loving as us.


Digital marketing is a rapidly changing industry by nature. We have achieved success in this climate because we remained flexible and nimble through our life. We thrive in times of change, and are always open to new ideas. Whether it is adapting to new market trends or learning the latest advertising techniques, flexibility allows us to stay ahead.

Attention to Detail

We keep a laser-focused attention in all aspects of our account management. From account structure, to actively looking for potential problems or snags – our team is on it. We pride ourselves in taking great care of the details, which is why our clients trust us as their digital marketing partner.


To us integrity means honesty and accountability. We communicate honestly and openly internally and with our clients. We always work towards a fair solution. We willingly admit mistakes and work to rectify problems. We are self reflective and open to constructive feedback and most importantly we act on that feedback to make changes and continuously improve. It all starts with integrity.

Data First

Pure Digital is a data first digital marketing agency. Every decision we make is backed by data. This is a crucial element of our success and what truly makes us unique in such a competitive industry. Numbers do not lie and thus with data, we are able to zero in on the truth and make changes that create predictable success for our clients.

Service Focused

We always put our clients first, making sure to act conservatively in spending our clients’ money, as if it were our own. This is what has earned us a stellar reputation over the years as an agency acting with integrity. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate into our clients’ companies, operating like an in-house marketing team. We put people first, never ceasing to realize we are working with real people with wants, cares, desires, and priorities within and outside of their businesses. We know that our job comes with great responsibility; when we improve the marketing, our clients’ businesses soar. This in turn helps to create jobs, opportunities, and overall economic growth. We are truly humbled by this thought, and are ready to serve.

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Our Secret

Skin in the Game

Account manager compensation is directly tied to client performance – we only succeed when our clients succeed.

Top 5% of Talent​

We uphold the highest standards for our new recruits, and expect the absolute highest quality work from every member of the team. We at Pure Digital strive to be the very best in our field, continuously reminding our clients why they chose us over another firm.


We know digital marketing, but you know your business best. A major component of account growth is maintaining a true partnership with our clients. Having fluid, consistent, and honest conversations with our clients is key to success.


Custom reporting provides all team members with performance data – down to the dollar.


We create Slack channels for each client to streamline communication, encourage collaboration of diverse ideas, and maintain a strong sense of unity.


Our emphasis on remaining adaptive in an environment where winning digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving drives the superior results we are able to achieve for our clientele.

Problem Solving with Data

Every decision we make is 100% based on data. This may seem self-evident, but you would be surprised to learn the share of account managers who base optimization decisions on personal opinion.

Out-of-the-box Thinking

We’re constantly developing new account structures, A/B testing, discussing our latest findings, and putting our collective mind together in order to maintain the innovative mentality required for a best-in-class digital agency.

Mission Statement & Goals

Pure Digital’s mission is to stand out from other agencies by applying our core values to our work:

P – Partnership you can trust
U – Unafraid of Change
R – Rapid Results
E – Experts in our channel

Our goal is to stand at the forefront of digital marketing by not only adapting the latest trends, but to act as trendsetters through proprietary means of innovation. We’re constantly developing new account structures, A/B testing, discussing our latest findings, and utilizing our collective strength in order to drive the execution needed to be a best in class digital agency. The methodology behind setting up our accounts is constantly evolving, as new ideas emerge and industry-wide practices change. We strive put our clients at ease, to trust us as they would a close friend or family member. We like to keep our conversations open and honest, and aim to deliver fast turnaround times whenever possible. However, when needed, we will take the extra time to make sure our clients reach the desired outcome.