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Increased MoM revenue from November 18’ to December 18’ by 119%
Increased MoM sales from November 18’ to December 18’ by 92%

Our client created a Weighted Blanket to ease difficulties with sleep, calm restless minds and get those elephants off your chest. The Weighted Blanket applies an even amount of pressure over your body to facilitate production of serotonin and melatonin (the body's primary sleep hormones), which simulates Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. The resulting sensation is often compared to a warm hug that immediately sends you into a state of comfort and relaxation.

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Industry Weighted Blanket
Service ​Paid Amazon

Challenges & Goals

The client turned to us to improve the overall performance of their Amazon Seller Central account. Goals were established for increasing revenue & decreasing their ACoS. This account suffered from a lack of structure and depth, with limited amount of campaigns, keywords, and lack of strategy for growth. We were tasked with re-structuring this account for optimal performance and management.

Approach, Strategy & Solution

Our number one priority was to restructure this account to reflect our signature account structure, which has proven results. This meant creating entirely new campaigns with specific labeling and breakdowns for optimal management, which allows us to increase the depth of the account, grow our pool of keywords, and hit all targets.

Our signature structure also grants the ability to have the most efficient campaigns possible and optimize towards the client’s ACoS goals. We began structuring this account with Branded campaigns, Non-Branded campaigns, and Competitor campaigns. Each campaign had a Manual & Automatic Targeting variation. The Manual campaigns were filled with keywords from Google Ads Search campaigns, Amazon keyword tools, and Google Keyword Planner. At the Ad-Group level, all keywords were broken down by Match Type. Therefore, an Exact match ad-group, a Phrase match ad-group, and a Broad match ad-group all existed within the campaign. This allows us to control and tier our bidding on each match type, since performance varies greatly between match types.

The Automatic campaigns existed to harvest new keywords for the Manual campaigns. Our Non-Branded campaigns truly tested the strength of our brand, bidding on very generic terms like “blanket” to drastically increase our volume and traffic to our Amazon store. Before we took over the account, these efforts never seemed to be a real possibility to our client, especially when it comes to bidding on generic terms while hitting ACoS goals. We tapped into our creativity to develop visually stimulating Sponsored Brand ads that led traffic to our Amazon Store. This is something our client was previously not doing at all. Sponsored Brands allow you to showcase up to 3 products at the top of the Amazon search bar that lead the consumer to tailored pages. Sponsored Brand ads turned out to be extremely successful, resulting in the lowest ACoS performance in the account.

Our decision to create a Competitor campaign proved to be correct as well. As Black Friday sales rolled in, our competitors were running of stock on comparable products. By December, our competitors were sold out while our campaigns targeting their brand names skyrocketed. Our CTR and CVR went through the roof and we captured all of our competitors’ sales, which put ACoS way below goal. The combination of campaign structure, keyword expansion, and optimizations ultimately laid the path to achieving tremendous growth and exceeding our client’s goals.


Increased MoM revenue from October 18’ to November 18’ by 225%
Increased MoM sales from October 18’ to November 18’ by 245%
Increased MoM revenue from November 18’ to December 18’ by 119%
Increased MoM sales from November 18’ to December 18’ by 92%

Utilizing our new structure, we were able to increase efficiencies & push volume to highly profitable keywords and new audiences discovered through our targeting methods.