The Los Angeles Film School

Increased leads by 223%
Decreased CPL by 31%

The Los Angeles Film School is a private college in the heart of Hollywood, LA. They offer accredited Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in filmmaking, audio production, computer animation, music production, entertainment business and more.

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Client Testimonial

We've been a client of Pure Digital’s for several years now. They’ve been so great to us that we now think of them as more of a partner than just another client. Since our main focus is SEM, we can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with a scrappy, knowledgeable team that, just like us, is actually willing to put in the effort required for reaching performance goals. Pure Digital clearly understands that a long-term partnership is one of the most important outcomes of a client’s success. Since day 1, the team was committed to growing in tandem with us, and we’ve both managed to flourish through their leadership.

James Winstead

James Winstead - LA Film School VP of Marketing

Challenges & Goals

We took over The La Film School’s AdWords account in March of 2017. The challenges that they were facing were around generating low quality leads, low back end CVRs / high CPLs, not enough volume for their sales team & they needed to improve their data merging between their CRM system & AdWords to analyze queries by sales, not just leads.

Approach, Strategy & Solution

Our first step was organizing the account and performing a full cleanup. All keywords were re-allocated in fresh campaigns with more granular ad groups that promoted higher quality scores. This was crucial because the account’s structure was previously messy that it was difficult to optimize and budget across different programs. Our account structures features a signature breakout system that ensures efficient management between devices and match types while improving quality score.

The second most important problem we needed to address was geo targeting and settings. Initially, the account suffered from low quality leads due to geo locations that were not relevant for the business. The La Film School is a physical location, which is a major factor in this process. We had to make sure we put appropriate positive and negative locations in place and adjust settings where needed. Later on, we broke out campaigns by geo location, which further improved lead quality based on the location of the user. Our overarching goal was to prioritize leads closest to the school’s address.

We improved their back end tracking via creative comprehensive tracking templates that included multiple data points such as match type, device and lead source code.

Once we established a solid structural base, it was time to optimize. Through continuous optimizations we increased lead volume while maintaining and even improving CPLs. The LA Film School team has a high growth mind set so we needed to accommodate it.

In order to make continuous progress in lead volume, we regularly came up with new keyword strategies and have added over 50 thousand unique keywords to the account. The new keywords were chosen based on conversion data we collect over time.

We’re now dealing with a mature account with a well-developed AdWords front end. However, there is always room for improvement and we’re making strides towards improving back end CVR based on several years’ worth of keyword conversion data. We’re also looking at broader problems that are preventing the LA Film School team from enrolling more students and decreasing their cost per start.


Increased leads by 223.24%
Decreased CPL by 30.93%
Increased back end CVR from lead to start by 34.71%
Increased average quality score by 38%