Pet Wellbeing

Increased revenue by 60%
Decreased ACoS by 40%

Pet Wellbeing was founded in 2001 with the goal to provide pet owners with healthy options and reliable information. Faced with decisions about the best health strategies for our beloved pets, Pet Wellbeing wants the assurance that they will make your pets feel better, not worse. And they don't want you to waste money on something that doesn't work. To fulfill their vision, their on-staff holistic veterinarians develop products using data from multiple streams: time-honored, traditional uses of herbs and foods, current scientific research, hands-on, clinical experience between veterinarians and their dog or cat patients.

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Industry Holistic Pet Medicine
Service Paid Amazon

Challenges & Goals

Pet Wellbeing wanted to increase brand awareness and sales on the Amazon platform. The company was already entering a crowded space with well known-competitors and was suffering from high ACoS in their current campaigns. But, with a reputable team of veterinarians and tested holistic wisdom, they created a strong brand that we were confident we could propel on Amazon. The primary goal set by this client was to increase sales, while maintaining a profitable AcoS.

Approach, Strategy & Solution

Pet Wellbeing was suffering from a lack of structure, limited product offerings, and inefficiencies in their current Sponsored Product & Sponsored Brand campaigns. We began optimizing their current campaigns as we built out our proven account structure to decrease their ACoS while expanding to all product offerings.

The account structure for Pet Wellbeing involved breaking out campaigns by individual products, and giving each product a Manual & Automatic counterpart. The Manual campaigns included keywords from Amazon Keyword Tool, Google Ads, and Google Keyword Planner. Since we manage Pet Wellbeing on Google Ads, we have the ability to leverage this valuable data to be transitioned to Amazon. The Automatic campaigns serve to target queries that are not yet in the account and find new keywords to be added into our Manual campaigns.

Our structure went a step further at the Ad-Group level, where we broke out each campaign by Cat & Dog products. Cat product SKU’s were added to the cat ad-groups and dog product SKU’s were added to the dog ad-groups. As we generated traffic on the new campaigns, we transitioned from their old campaigns to newly-structured campaigns that targeted all match types and product offerings in both Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brand listings.

This allowed us to increase our audience and targeting for all Pet Wellbeing products. With the new account structure, we were able to increase volume despite being as efficient as possible.


Increased revenue by 60%
Decreased ACoS by 40%