First American Home Warranty

Decreased CPL by 33%
Increased Leads by 265%

First American Home Warranty is a subsidiary of the First American Financial Corporation. They offer homeowners protection against costly repairs or replacements of home systems and appliances through a service provided by a network of pre-screened contractors and qualified technicians.

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Industry Home Warranty
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Challenges & Goals

The team we’re working with from FAHW has ambitious growth goals. They’ve wanted to blow up their PPC program from day one and that is exactly what we’ve done for them. Over the course of this 4+ years partnership, the agenda has had one bullet point and that is to sell more home warranty policies. In this ever adapting, price auction landscape, we’ve been tasked with delivering groundbreaking results year after year. This account really puts pure technical PPC skills to the test.

Approach, Strategy & Solution

Consistent innovation is what puts us ahead of the competition. There are number of things we test and iterate in order to squeeze out every last drop of performance.

Account structure – The way the keywords are organized in the account plays a huge role in overall performance. Controlling the different match types and utilizing all of them is extremely important as well. We break out all of our campaigns by match types, which captures all possible search queries from our keyword set. Monitoring performance on different devices is another big factor. Campaigns are therefore broken out by device, which is the ideal tool for optimization on each device. This allows changes in bids by device at the keyword level. Categorizing keywords by theme or funnel is another factor which we’ve altered over the course of the account. We have categorized the keywords in this account in accordance to a low, mid, high funnel structure. The most successful keywords go in the low funnel campaigns while keywords with poorer performance go in the high funnel. This lets us focus spend on keywords by priority and gives us the chance to monitor separate CPL goals. Our ad group structure is extremely granular. We match every keyword with a custom headline 1 because this strategy increases CTR and ad relevancy. These factors are crucial for determining quality score. A high quality score produces lower CPCs which has huge effect on overall account efficiency. Putting the pieces of this puzzle together is our key to success!

The back-end data in the CRM is of great importance so we look at it often. Getting leads on the front end is one thing but turning those leads into sales is another story. We utilize FAHW’s CRM to analyze lead to sale performance and make decisions based on the data to improve back-end CVR. This led us to determine different CPL that are allowable depending the keyword’s back-end performance. We push the most budget towards keywords which turn into sales, not just leads.

Our bidding and optimization techniques is the final tipping point for success. We analyze age, gender, household income, geo location and time of day when setting bid adjustments, all of which are essential for reaching the right target demographic at the right price. But we must not only look at it from a technical standpoint but also from an economic perspective. Not overpaying for CPCs (a massive waste of money) is key when maximizing PPC and we split the penny!


Decreased CPL by 33%
Increased Leads by 265%
Increased Avg Quality Score by 32%