The Top 5%

We have a very rigorous screening process to identify the very best candidates. We look for great problem solvers with passion and a strong work ethic. Every Pure Digital employee is an expert in his or her domain, so we prefer individuals we can learn from and grow as a company.

Of the hundreths of applications Pure Digital sees, fewer than 5% are typically accepted.

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What We Do


Initial Skill Questionnaire

Every candidate must receive a grade of 90% or higher on the initial skills test. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that potential candidates have a similar mental process as the rest of the team.


In-Depth Skill Review

Next, we assess technical knowledge, problem-solving ability, and general intellect through various exercises. We usually only accept candidates with exceptional results.


First In-Person Meeting

After a candidate passes the previous two stages, we set up an in-person meeting to walk the candidate through a sample account and gauge which actions the candidate would take. The directors the company bounce ideas off the candidate and ultimately determine if the candidate is a cultural fit.


Test Project

Each candidate is assigned a test project to determine whether they can truly “walk the walk.” Test projects provide real-world scenarios for candidates to demonstrate their competence, thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity over the course of 1-3 weeks.


2nd In-Person Meeting

A final personality test is completed to ensure a smooth transition. Team members are expected to maintain a perfect track record while working with clients. We do not tolerate sub-par work or poor communication for any reason.

Pure Digital Career process diagram
28.5% of applicants pass
17.5% of applicants pass
11.6% of applicants pass
7.5% of applicants pass
5% of applicants pass

The Top 5%

Everyone at Pure Digital has elite industry experience in digital advertising. We are problem-solvers who understand the value of integrity, which is why major organizations continuously rely on us for their most important projects.