Bridging the Gap Between Traditional & Digital Marketing

Marc Berolo
By Marc Berolo Sr. Account Manager (SEM)

Sometimes it may seem like it is difficult to bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing, especially with local businesses. Many local businesses feel as if it is a better investment to focus on traditional marketing efforts, instead of utilizing digital marketing. If you are having a struggle with the transition, or just don’t know how to effectively utilize this strategy, please pay close attention!

In case you didn’t know, in 2015 Google and Twitter partnered, which allowed Google to have access and collect data of Twitter’s data stream. This means that if your local campaign is running on hashtags across different touchpoints, you can use this to increase the strength of your local search presence. Therefore, you should incorporate hashtags into printed and other materials to encourage your audience to take the conversation online. The hashtags you create should incorporate a high volume keyword that represents your brand and the goal of your campaign.

As you develop a product or event for your local brand, don’t forget how the PR surrounding it can be translated to digital. According to a recent survey, link signals are among the top ranked factors for local SEO, and you can use this to your advantage. Go to the press, or submit press release through different providers to increase inbound links to your site. This will help your positioning compared to other local competitors. Don’t forget to also find sites that mention your business, and reach out to the webmaster for links to your site, this too will increase your local SEO. You can find these sites by simply searching on Google your business name and clicking any websites that mention your business, but do not link it back you.

You need to develop a strategy that incentivizes your customers to engage with your business and fellow customers online. This includes updating your customers on any new products, specials, or services that you are providing or are new to the business. These updates are simple, easy, with little to no cost, but will increase the excitement and interaction between the customers and your brand. Sometimes, it may be hard to bridge the gap between online and offline with some businesses, but there are always smart ways to get this done. For example, a local restaurant can persuade the customers to take photos of their food, utilize hashtags and post them online. This will bring new customers into the business, while providing something fun and interactive for current customers. By spreading brand awareness, you will increase searches for your business.

Competition is fierce within local search and we think that these strategies are the best way to bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing. Get started on improving the success of your local business!

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