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About Us

Pure Digital was founded in 2014 at the epicenter of digital marketing, New York City. Since then we’ve been on a mission to grow businesses and help our clients succeed.

Pure Digital is a performance-driven boutique marketing firm. We provide our clients with the attention and transparency they expect from a boutique firm, combined with the people, processes, and solutions of the caliber of the largest agencies.

We are proud of our client base, which consists of industry-leading, established companies, as well as the most innovative funded startups. Our passion for problem solving and exceptional customer service drives us to remain at the forefront, as well as help reshape the digital age of tomorrow.

What can we do

Paid Search
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Conversion Rate Optimization
Web Development
Paid Search
Paid Social
Web Development

Why we’re here

Pure Digital is not just another agency. We exist to give our clients a different, creative, and frankly better experience than what they are used to with traditional agencies. We are confident that from the moment you are on-boarded as a client, you’ll rest assured that your marketing needs are in the most capable and caring hands.

Meet Our Team​

Powered by knowledge. Defined by people.​
Pure Digital’s never-ending search for best-in-class creative thinkers from the digital marketing space has proven to be a key ingredient to our success. In our recruitment efforts, we look far wider than scanning for cookie-cutter perfect resumes, expanding our search to include ambitious and forward-thinking professionals with unique strengths and backgrounds. As a team, we have a very rigorous screening process for identifying the best candidates. We are experts in our domains, so any addition to the team needs to be a value-add – the type of person we are excited to work with, and stand to learn from ourselves.


Chief Executive Officer

As a self-made barista, Kia is a staunch believer that world-domination plans come together successfully after a steaming cup of black coffee.


When he’s not spending hours nerding out on making foolproof strategic decisions and keeping Pure Digital on top of its game, Kia relaxes by creating unrecognizable (he calls it abstract) Play-Doh sculptures with his super adorbs son. Oh and don’t forget the regularly painful encounters involving his toes and Lego pieces. Fun times indeed.


With over 15 years of experience orchestrating teams that turn brands into winners, Pure Digital is poised for sustainable growth (the kind you don’t dread) with Kia leading the pack.


Director of Conversion Rate Optimization

There’s way more to Max than just seemingly living and breathing for better user experience and CRO. We have a running theory that he may very well have been The One to pioneer the hype around remote work. For over 14 years now, Max has been enjoying life as a digital nomad–before it became every millennial’s fantasy work setup.


These days, when he’s not appreciating the majesty of Vietnam while riding his beast of a bike, he leads Pure Digital’ CRO team and builds strategies to help our clients reach their next level of web performance.


As a shameless fanboy of data and user psychology, Max remains our team’s poster guy for big ideas and all-time-high conversion growth.


Director of Client Success

Rebecca (resident connoisseur of all activities outdoors-related) thinks it’s unbe-leaf-able when people don’t adore hiking, chilling on the beach, dining al fresco, and admiring the night sky.


When she’s not wishing that the human body would live off sunshine and being in nature, Rebecca saves and grows businesses one badass Google & Bing ad at a time. With over 18 years of digital marketing expertise, Pure Digital’s clients do not second-guess handing over their business’s future to Rebecca’s genius.


Senior Account Manager

A guy with many interests, Jared currently lives with his wife, daughter, and son at the foot of the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah. Don’t let the straight-laced look fool you. At a moment’s notice, he’ll let his hair down (well, figuratively speaking anyway), and bust out some Bon Jovi on karaoke night.


When he’s not putting his 10+ years of paid search experience to work for his clients, you might find Jared at the gym, out riding the trails on his mountain bike, hosting friends and family for a scratch-made Mediterranean meal, or noodling (somewhat badly) on his guitar.


Senior Account Manager

This bubbly PPC lover grew up in Croatia (That place where the King’s Landing is). For a European, there is nothing quite like sitting down in a cafe and just watching the world go by.


Mia loves a proper #cupofgetstuffdone, and she’s talking about real coffee, not a chai tea latte, extra hot with unicorn tears, a touch of vanilla syrup, and 3 pink sprinkles.


When she’s not obsessively talking about coffee, you can find her breaking enrollment records while maximizing ROI for her education clients. Mia feels truly blessed by the PPC Gods to be part of the Pure Digital gang.


Operations Manager

Meet Leah–Pure Digital’s beloved cat lady and operations powerhouse working tirelessly to save our team from Manic Mondays and Freakout Fridays.


Spending time plotting ways to keep her furbabies from making Zoom meeting cameos is as important to Leah as assembling highly efficient teams and business processes. Her years of expertise in team management mean everyone in Pure Digital gets the best operations support to continue making education accessible for all.


When she’s not living the double life as #WorkAuntie and full-time #FurMom, you’ll find her spending a Sunday afternoon offshore fishing. With one hand on the reel and another clutching an ice-cold beer, Leah’s not calling it a day without a major catch.

The Pure Digital Code:
Our Core Values

In the Pure Digital team, we live by a strong code. What makes us who we are can be distilled into our shared core values.


We own, live, and breath these values throughout our entire organization. They add up and translate into a vibrant and collaborative culture that makes up the Pure Digital team.

Everyday brings a new challenge, oftentimes things that we are not able to foresee. As a team, we take on what we can control and commit to doing our best in every situation to produce favorable results.


We commit to meeting our chosen goals, understanding our success will help the organization meet its own goals.


We commit to continuous improvement, which helps us become open to new ideas or seek new learning to help us be better.


Most of all, we commit to living our core values and our purpose everyday.

Coined by William Taylor (2011), Pure Digital embodies being “humbitious” – humble and ambitious.
Our team operates under a sense of humility by never sitting on our laurels and continuing to strive for improvement – staying competitive.
At the same time, we stay ambitious by always reaching for the stars. We continue to chase our purpose of keeping learning alive in every corner of the world, even though it sounds impossible.
Our team members embody openness to create steady channels of conversation. We understand the immense value of constant and meaningful talks.
By being open, our team members raise issues as they arise and are not afraid to point out problems even if it leads to conflict. We build trust and work well together when we can rely on each other to be honest with feedback.
From assistant to owner, everyone in Pure Digital treats each other with the same level of respect.
In respecting others’ opinions and point-of-views, we create a safe space and enable each other to have a voice to share ideas.
By respecting each of our team members, we accept all of who they are – age, gender, race, and diverse backgrounds – empowering our teams to take on complicated issues with creative solutions.
At Pure Digital, our business thrives on real-life data. We make decisions based on facts, peer-reviewed research, real experiences, raw data, and statistics from reputable sources.
By being data-driven, our team members understand the importance of proper research, team retrospectives, and doing experiments or running trials to test hypotheses and validate assumptions.
We use Google’s proven-and-tested OKR system to convert our goals and ambitions into data we can use to fuel our growth.