10 Remarketing Tips All Digital Marketers Should Know

Michelle Greenberg
By Michelle Greenberg Director of Operations

Do you need help making your PPC campaigns grow? Have you hit a rut and can’t come up with any new keywords or strategies? Maybe it’s time to visit or revisit your remarketing opportunities. Customers who have visited your site already are 3x more likely to return and convert. It is extremely important to incorporate a remarketing strategy for your clients in order to grow and capture all the potential revenue out there. Here is a list of crucial tips whether you are just starting your first remarketing campaign or looking for a way to expand your remarketing efforts.

  1. Only spend time on large enough audience lists; niche lists are a waste of time and money. If you don’t have more than 1,000 users or even 50,000 users in your list (depending on the size of your account), sometimes it’s really not worth to remarket.
  2. Use the correct targeting method, most times it should be set to “target and bid”. “Bid Only” will gain you more traffic because it’s advertising on a broader list of keywords than you intended and the ads will go to anyone who’s searching rather than just the audience you specified.
  3. Make sure you set the right window. 540 days could be too long for some accounts, but for others that could be the time it takes for a policy to expire. Don’t set your window to 30 days because that skips a paycheck day, rather set your list to 31 or 35 days that way you are remarketing to people after they get paid.
  4. Subtract lists from each other if you are remarketing to multiple windows of people. I.e. if you have a 3-day list, 7-day list, 14-day list and 35-day list make sure you are not over re-marketing to different groups. So you would have a 3 day list, then a 7 day list minus the 3 day list, 14 day list minus 7 day list, 35 day list minus 14 list. That way you are only targeting the people you intended to and using the lists effectively.
  5. Set an impression cap per user per day. You don’t want to be too aggressive and turn the users off. 5 impressions a day is plenty, no need to overdo it.
  6. Bid up! These users are more likely to convert, take advantage of that and show up at the top for them.
  7. Use generic keywords to capture your audience. If you only have a set of limited keywords the chances of your audience typing in the same exact set of keywords is slim to none, use a broader approach.
  8. Make use of “similar” lists. These lists take up to 2 weeks to create after you create an initial audience, the similar list comprises of users similar to the ones in your audience. These are great if you are trying to build your current remarketing efforts and you want to go after more specific audiences.
  9. Layer remarketing with other targeting methods. Use household income brackets, gender, age demographics and more to make your remarketing even more targeted and tailored to the particular person.
  10. Use RDSA, remarketing for Dynamic Search ads. This is applying a remarketing audience to your current DSA campaign, many times this campaign has lower traffic volume but a much higher ROI because the combination of crawling your site and remarketing makes for a very high percentage of conversions.

Putting even one of these things into place in your account will guarantee you a more targeted PPC campaign and a happier customer.

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