Who is Pure Digital?

Our values that we live by

hard work, teamwork, flexibility, attention to detail, integrity, data first & service focused.

We are extremely focused

We drive high quality SEM sales at scale while hitting acquisition goals.

Overview of Processes

Group of people forming a dedicated team

Dedicated Teams

We at Pure Digital deploy an average of 40% more resources than the average agency. Your team will always consist of dedicated experts in each individual marketing channel, as opposed to inexperienced salespeople or generic project managers.

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Flow of Communication

We create Slack channels for each client to streamline communication, encourage collaboration of diverse ideas, and maintain a strong sense of unity. Our teams act on the principle of full transparency, giving our clients an unobstructed view of our processes.

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Rapid Execution

Our streamlined project workflow facilitates our remarkable turnaround time of 24-48 hours, compared to the industry standard of 2-4 weeks. Attributable to our tremendous attention to detail, we are able to turn ideas into reality at an unrivaled pace, without sacrificing quality.

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Innovative and Technology Driven

We are constantly on the lookout for new technology to improve our processes. The technology that is already ubiquitous in the industry is not enough- we strive to stay at the forefront of innovation by acting quick to adopt new systems and data analysis tools.

Why Choose Pure Digital

Pure Digital
  • Clients First, Partners Always: We act as an extension of your marketing team
  • Customer Service: Encounter a problem at 9pm on a Friday? We’re on it
  • Transparency: We’ll tell you when things are good, but more importantly, flag opportunities for improvement so we can quickly bridge those gaps
  • Performance Driven: Our mission is rooted in spending your capital conservatively, as if it were our own

Traditional Agency

  • Just Another Client: No true partnership or individualized strategy
  • Customer Service: You can’t reach your account manager outside narrow and rigid hours of operation
  • Lack of Transparency: Fails to mention bad news, selectively highlighting good news
  • Takes the Easy Way Out: Applies a one-size-fits-all approach to your budget, spending the bulk of it on non-performing targets without committing resources to curate a strategy that fits your unique needs

Our Testimonials

Our Services



The Los Angeles Film School in Process of filming a movie

Featured Case Study - B2C Lead Generation

Driving Off Campus & On Campus Leads for a Privately Owned School

Our client contacted us with several inefficiencies: excessive low quality leads, insufficient sales volume, and a lack of data merging between their CRM system & Google Ads, which is necessary for analyzing queries by sales, not just leads.

Increased leads by
Arrow up 3X
While decreasing CPL by
Arrow down 31%

Our Case Studies

B2C E-commerce

3X increase in subscribers,
10% decrease in CPA

Internal attempts to build out non-branded campaigns were unsuccessful, and relying on their branded name for all sales would be detrimental to growth.

B2B Lead Generation

2X increase in leads,
50% decrease in CPL

By helping our client merge the data between their CRM system & Google Ads, we were able to optimize the account to increase efficiency and drive higher quality leads.

B2C Lead Generation

4X increase in leads,
33% decrease in CPL

In this ever-changing price auction landscape, we’ve been tasked with delivering superior results year after year. Over the course of this partnership with four years and counting, the agenda has had but one focal point: sell more home warranty policies.

B2B E-commerce

2X increase in Revenue,
41% decrease in CPA

Changing the method of optimizations based on our client's long sales cycles and overcoming attribution challenges led us generate more business for less.

The Core Team

Pure Digital team member Benjamin Arabov
Benjamin Arabov

My name is Benjamin Arabov, and I am the founder and CEO of Pure Digital. I am driven by my passions for doing things others can’t and sharing my knowledge with my customers and team members. It is my personal mission to show hard working businesses the power of digital marketing when it is actually used correctly. Rather than just a “business partner,” I like to think of myself as a close friend helping people save money and introduce their amazing products to their customers. Earning the reputation of an industry leader in digital acquisition problem solving is just a bonus.

Pure Digital team member Michelle Greenberg
Michelle Greenberg
Director of Operations

My name is Michelle Greenberg, and I am the Director of Operations at Pure Digital. I’ve been managing PPC accounts for nearly a decade, largely because of my ability to quickly understand what clients are looking for. Trusting someone to manage your marketing budget is a big deal, so I take this responsibility very seriously. Every day, I am lucky enough to interact with businesses I am passionate about and help them grow, and not just in terms of revenue and efficiency. I strive to create spending strategies capable of improving all elements of my clients’ businesses, which is the definition of true success in this industry.

Pure Digital team member Michal Dzieciolowski
Michal Dzieciolowski
Director of PPC Growth

My name is Michael Dzieciolowski, and I am the Director of PPC Growth at Pure Digital. Exposed to technology at a young age, I became fascinated with computers and how they facilitate human interaction. Working in SEM gives me the opportunity to analyze consumer behavior through trends and incorporate that data into major initiatives, like launching new products or building the best ecommerce experience. Thanks to my familiarity with the latest tracking tools and advertising capabilities, clients can count on me to learn as much as possible about their target audience and overcome any SEM-related issue that comes to hand.

Matthew Samoohi
Matthew Samoohi

My name is Matthew Samoohi, and I am the COO of Pure Digital. I work closely with our CEO, Benjamin, to uphold the highest standards of performance across the board while ensuring our daily operations run smoothly. Years of experience with business growth have taught me the importance of a vibrant culture and crystal clear vision of the future. I am firmly dedicated to implementing both of these strengths in our individual and collaborative efforts. Strategically working towards our goals by keeping our systems and operations in top shape is what gets me excited about coming to work every day.

Marc Berolo
Sr. Account Manager (SEM)

My name is Marc Berolo, and I am the Senior Account Manager of Pure Digital’s SEM channel. Thanks to my entrepreneurial background, I am well-aware as to how difficult it is to maintain a sensitive budget while making wise but lucrative spending decisions. My clients often refer to me as a perfectionist due to my ultra-meticulous attitude, especially in regards to account optimizations. I only settle for the highest quality of performance and I am constantly teaching myself all there is to know about every relevant tool or platform. When a new player enters the digital marketing game, I make it my personal mission to become an expert in that facet as well.

Pure Digital team member Mia Parcela
Mia Parcela
Sr. Account Manager (Shopping)

My name is Mia Percela, and I am the Senior Account Manager of Pure Digital’s Shopping channel. I have always held myself to the highest of standards when it comes to client satisfaction, so I welcome the pressure associated with my position. This outlook has motivated me to continuously break revenue records and ensure massive ROIs for budgets of all sizes. I encourage clients to increase their expectations for profitability when an account is under my control. The first step in this direction is paying extraordinary attention to detail, and taking the time to thoroughly analyze every discernible pattern or irregularity.

Pure Digital team member Fred Charles
Fred Charles
Team Lead, Reporting

My name is Fred Charles, and I am the Lead Reporter for Pure Digital. Thanks to my vast knowledge of Microsoft Excel, I have created a series of templates that allow managers to quickly discern important information about consumer behavior, ad performance, and budget allocation. Since managers rely on my data to support their every decision, I take extra measures to ensure my accuracy and speed are never compromised.

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Before we start working with a new client, we take 7-14 days to put together a detailed, data-driven blueprint strategy, which is implemented over the following 60 to 90 days. This initial deep dive provides us with accurate information about the current state of the account, highlighting the actions needed in order to reach desired goals.
You communicate directly with the account managers on your team on a daily basis. This allows the two companies to collectively brainstorm granular, high-level strategies for scaling the account and increasing efficiency.
There’s a common misconception that SEM is “easy” when in reality, it’s one of the most demanding channels to manage in the digital ecosystem. SEM has many variables requiring daily attention to prevent missed opportunities or being taken advantage of by Google. Outsourcing SEM puts your account in the hands of multiple people who are up to date with the latest trends and most effective strategies. These individuals are also constantly brainstorming new ideas with fellow internal team members who live and breath the SEM space.
We assign accounts to account managers based on their past experience, whether it’s ecommerce or lead gen or B2B. This ensures that both teams are speaking the same language from the first day of the partnership, which we have found to be integral for success. If a new client comes from an industry in which we don’t have experience, the account is assigned to a manager who is passionate about that industry.
We have a very rigorous screening process to identify the absolute best in our field. We are experts in our domains, so we look for great problem solvers with passion and drive — the types of people we want to work with (and learn from) ourselves. Of the hundred of applications Pure Digital receives, fewer than 5% are usually accepted. Check out our careers page to see our hiring process.